Circles Within Circles Within - Yoga Retreat in Bali 
With Amir & Cynthia

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October 1st to October 9th

Lotus Villa Bali

Single room package CHF 2900.-
Double room package CHF 2500.-
Triple room package CHF 2200.-


Full board lodging & all yoga sessions

Extra expenses: Massages, independent leisure activities

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Amir & Cynthia warmly invite you for a journey to Bali, the magical island of gods, for a very special retreat during 9 days in a small and intimate circle.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you in the beautiful sanctuary of the lotus villa, nestled away in the middle of the jungle, where we will be able to enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature. We believe this extraordinary setting creates the ideal environment to sit in circle and dive deep into the sacred wisdom within.

Each day we will enjoy at least two extended yoga sessions with Amir & Cynthia on this inner journey, to fully replenish in the heart lotus

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Healthy & fresh meals will be prepared by our in-house chef, to nourish our bodies and souls

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Which we will be able to enjoy in this beautiful shared open space with like minded people

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The spa facilities with a jet pool, cold water pool, cascades, sauna and steam bath await us to round up the experience

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Massages, facials, body scrubs and hot stone treatments will also be available on demand

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Six private villas encompass the main building and the pool area

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With beautiful spacious airconditioned rooms to rest and relax, you can choose between single, double or triple occupancy

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And spend some leisure time relaxing in the lush garden surrounded by the jungle

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We have limited spots for this very special retreat so don't hesitate to write us if you are slightly interested to reserve your spot. Of course we will assist you with anything you may inquire. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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