I am... 

Having worked for many years as an editor and producer in the audiovisual sector I have reached the point where I was empty and needed to find balance in this fast pacing world... to find myself again and fill me up with love, so I would be able to give again. I realized that this emptiness could not be filled from the outside world, it had to grow from inside.

I had practiced yoga for many years but one day I was lucky enough to be able to listen to this strong call from inside to dive deeper into this precious wisdom. I started a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Imagine Academy in Zürich. There I found this beautiful space where I could just BE, and the perfect soil to cultivate this love, this sacred space we all carry inside.

So far I have found all the answers within this amazing practice which inspires me to keep learning, every instant, with all the ups and downs along the road, to keep growing, revising, readjusting, ... and it felt so obvious that I was on the right path. In 2019 I embarked on another beautifully transformative 200h yoga training with Nico Luce who brought some more light on many other aspects of my practice and ultimately on my life. 

Apart of my intensive trainings I have been inspired and influenced by other teachers such as Amir Jaan and Andrei Ram amongst others.

The way my amazing mentors transmit the teachings inspire me to share and spread the love for the greater good and today I am immensly grateful to have hosted the Imagine Academy Yoga Trainings in Geneva for 6 years until my move to Thailand in January 2022.


KYTT 500h Kundalini Yoga

RYT 200h Vinyasa

YACEP 60h Hatha Tantra

RYT 100h Pranayama & Meditation